Payton’s Place

I had a really great photo shoot this past Sunday but really can’t share any of the photographs. Originally it was a bridal portrait shoot scheduled but I asked the bride if we could just do those on the day of the wedding. The wedding will take place right before sunset outside so we got a full day ahead of us. She agreed. So we changed gears and did photos for her man. Sassy.

But we did get finished up and headed to see the horses. So I do have a few photos I can share from that day.


Hi Payton. How are ya girl? Payton is 16 years old. I met Miss Payton about 11 years ago. She is Corrine’s pride and joy.



This is Corrine’s big baby Roarke. This was my first time meeting him. Good lord, he’s a beast.

Dove and Mira eventually come up to the barn but I had already put my camera up. I didn’t take a lot of photos because I was spending time with all their animals. But we will be back after the wedding to do a photo shoot with the horses and Corrine in her wedding dress this Fall. I’m beyond excited. Can’t ya see my smile?  Corrine is excited like me too.

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