Locked & Reloaded

Music. Me. Michelle. Ran. Dierks and Gang. Charlotte Freedom

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I’ve had my tickets since April sitting in a drawer. FINALLY got to use them. This was one concert I actually decided to leave my camera at home. Even though we were on the 6th row from stage. Sounds crazy to leave it at home… but I did. I’m just there to see my favorite girl singer and mainly for the music. It got me thinking about a few articles I’ve read this year too. Where fans are too busy staring through their phones and don’t even enjoy the music anymore at lives shows. They cut away to a still photograph of the crowd and almost EVERYONE is standing with their phones up and recording a video. Truly is unreal. Makes you think. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a taking a few pics or a sound-bite or a small video (even though nine times out of ten – the quality is horrible) to document your experience but damn some take it to another level. I know a lot of artists are annoyed by it. I totally get why. Enjoy the freedom of music.

Gwen Sebastian and The Randy Rogers Band opened up for Dierks and Miranda. Most know Gwen from The Voice and being on Blake’s team. I’ve seen her A LOT this year being on the road or out doing performances with Blake. She was his back-up singer at concerts, award show performances, etc this year. She is a great singer. Randy Rogers Band is someone I was familiar with. Great band out of Texas. So many artists in the business love and speaking highly of them including Dierks and Miranda. They were really good on this night. Really excited I got to see them live. I mean they are from Texas after all. The water is special there.

Totally was pumped for Dierks. Most around me are into Luke Bryan, Jason Alden, Jake Owen, etc from today’s music but I gotta say Dierks is my guy from those current male singers making current records and music. (Outside of Jamey Johnson of course) This was my first time seeing him live actually. His set was so damn good. He is such humble guy and so raw in his music and just as a regular dude as well so the whole night was worth it just for him alone. He’s a fan favorite. He’s the guy who is in touch with his fans and those music fans at the shows. You can see it and feel it. He has pulled fans up on stage before this night but the girl they pulled up on stage was an awesome moment. He handed over his Fender to her and he took her beer to drink. (Her tallboy in her Miranda Lambert koozie) She stood at that mic and had the time of her life. After the song was over and the lights went out, security took her back to her place in the pit, she hugged her boyfriend/husband. It was just great, intimate moment for them. I know it is something she and him will NEVER forget. Could you imagine? It was one moment where I did pull my phone out of my pocket to record it halfway throught but will figure out how to upload later.

photo (5)

Dierks talked of his Daddy who passed in the last year and his white Chevy truck “Big White” him and his Daddy drove to Nashville many, many years ago. It is the same vehicle he STILL has and drives today. (I’ve seen photos of it. True story) He spoke of his guitar he plays. His old guitar he STILLS plays. With George Jones, George Strait and Del McCoury signatures on it. His guitar is like a Trigger Jr. (In reference to Willie’s guitar) And of course his old black boots. We’ve all seen those boots. STILL wears his old boots. They have a lot of miles on them.

We won’t talk about the two different thongs that were thrown at him on stage that he put on his guitarist and fiddle players mic. HILARIOUS. His part of the show was insane. My hats off to him. I was already a fan and I had so much respect for him, his talents and love for country music and just music but I have even more now.

“You can’t come to North Carolina and not bring the banjo and the fiddle.” – Dierks

Enter… my gal.

photo (2)

She was awesome. What’s new. She covered Bob Seger – Fire Down Below and the Beatles – Get Back.. I lost my mind. Her and the band did excellent. Her show are always just right. Good country songs, good rock songs. She can bring it to a high, to a medium and to a low. She apologized to the crowd for messing up on some of her lyrics. She said she was nervous because she was heading into the recording studio in two days to start her new record. (YES!) I never heard her mess up. She fooled me.

Miranda had a great moment with a fan too. A guy standing near her catwalk held up a bottle of brown liquor in the air. Well she saw it and took the bottle. And next thing you know he pulls out another bottle of the same thing. They toasted and she did a shot with him. The look on her face was priceless. Clearly the shit was stout! Haha. She held her own. Again, another great story to tell for years to come from that guy.

photo (4)

She kicked ass.

But the greatest part of the whole deal was getting to share it with my longest best good friend Michelle. It was a good time. I was totally rocking my Junk Gypsy peacock earrings I got two years ago with my JG tee too. But clearly can’t see it in the picture. As I stated before, we are not good at “selfies”. Oh, that’s because we never take photos like that. We tried though.

photo (3)

To take some words from Haggard, music puts me on a “natural high”. It really does. Another great show in my long book of concerts. Dierks said on stage it was one of the best nights of his life and Charlotte was one of the loudest crowds of the tour so far. Energy and beer were just right on this night. It was prolly one of the loudest and wildest I’ve seen yet at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for me personally.

Thanks Ran, Dierks and gang!

(From her last visit to Charlotte, North Carolina)

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