Ramblings From A Photographer

Hello from this cool breeze, overcast Saturday morning.

Horse photography is something I’m really serious about. Horse photography along with other animals and wildlife. Vance and Vic Stine allowed me to come over and hang with their gang. The Stine property was beautiful and such a sweet, breathtaking area tucked away in our small town of Clover. Mrs. Stine is an accomplished and passionate rider. They complete in a sport called endurance. Vance and Vic go off every weekend and ride. They have 5 gorgeous Arabian horses.

My dear friend informed her of  my wants of learning to photograph horses. Meaning photograph them better and not just take a pretty picture of a horse like I’ve done from time to time through the years but to learn the beauty of a horse.  To sit back and study. I have been offered several opportunities with other horses in the coming months from others and I’m truly excited and grateful. It is something I want to accomplish. It is a tricky form of photography or can be at times. So much to learn from movement, to mood, to settings, to location… you name it. I have really honestly never captured a horse in motion I don’t believe. Well not on purpose. Vance gave me the opportunity to do that this week. That department is something that needs work because I want to perfect it. My shots were decent for really a first on-purpose shot but I see where they could eventually be 100x better.

The other reason for me is the bond of horse and person. To be able to study and capture that. I have a project I’m wanting to do with girls/women and their horse. (not excluding men though!) I absolute adore the relationship between a person and their pet/animal. One of the best kind to ever exist. I’ve kinda swayed away from “people photography” this year. Well swayed away a little bit. Animals don’t burn or hurt you anyways but I just don’t like to be conformed to one thing. Photographers have become a dime a dozen these days. Even around here. They are available for anyone for any kind of traditional portrait photography you may need whether they are truly the real deal or not. Expensive or dirt cheap. So I don’t know if getting bored is the correct way to explain it? But there is too much out there for me to exercise my creative ability and passions with. I have never been real comfortable with photography being a paid gig. I don’t do well with the business side of photography. Not my cup of tea. Some tell me I’m not doing myself any favors by turning down “the money” or promoting “a job” aka “my skills” but I say let me do things my way and let me guide own path no matter which direction it goes. It is not selfish of me to pick and choose what I want to do. This is my ship.

So doing personal projects and having personal growth intrigues me more. Where I have the most fun. Also, being all over the place lets me grow as a photographer too… I believe. I just enjoy the company of all things and being able to use this tool I so enjoy. So human and horse… what a combination! So hopefully I will have some blogs to share on people and their amazing relationships with their horses before this year ends. And maybe a few doggies too.

Thanks to the incredible animals and a few good folks for allowing me to chase my passion.

photo (1) photo (4)

Sammy investigating. Again and again. He was determined to see what I had in my camera bag. Haha. He’s awesome. (iPhone photos)


Lars too. (iPhone photo)

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