My Green Thumb. Yep, That One.

Before too long, all the pretty summer flowers will slowly fade and enter Fall colors for the yard. Mums and pansies oh my! My yard, like each year, was plentiful. All the oldies but goodies. New things as well. Perennials and annuals. Planters and hanging baskets. New bushes for the front. It has been a good summer thus far. Just a few things…


And I cannot forget my garden! I was so, so happy with it. Beyond pleased.  I had plenty of maters and cucumbers this year. Abundance! Several strawberries too. My chocolate mint smells so good. The herbs did well. Mama and me will be making pickles with all the cucumbers I grew and picked. Anxious to learn how to do that. But cleaning the garden out this week. It has run its course and it is time for me to plant pumpkin seed anyways.


“Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration.”

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