Visit North Carolina – Project 543

If there is one thing my partner and I like to do… it is traveling. And as a photographer, I live and anticipate for it. We love to find new places in our area or several hundred miles down the road. I personally love the outdoors and anything historical. Travel does take time and money… sometimes very little, sometimes a little more. We budget, we plan and find a way to make it work. I feel blessed to live where I live and that is in the foothills. I’m 3 hours from the coasts of SC, Charleston, Folly Beach and also about 3 or so hours from the mountains of Tennessee and all things East Tennessee. We can pack up and go 2 hours up North on Hwy 321 and be in Blowing Rock and Boone. I love living within reason of the coast and the mountains. Oh.. and parts of my beloved Georgia is waiting nearby too.

So here pretty soon, we will start a new project or a fun adventure. It is called Project 543. I came across it online the other month. We will be visiting really kickass spots in North Carolina we have never been to before. It is a total of 95 locations on the list. I know by looking at the list, 18 of those spots we have been to together. North Carolina is filled with the most unique spots in the United States of America. The 543 comes from the miles that spread upon the width of the state of North Carolina… from Murphy, NC to Manteo, NC. (Mountains to the coast)

I will showcase the project on this blog of mine. I love to share and talk travel. Now, our time travel and vacationing is personal too… but I love to share enough without stepping the boundaries of sacred. So I will create a page on here for the project and share a photo or two and info of each experience. I could only hope someone or others may see something and want to venture out themselves.

First stop will be Love Valley, North Carolina. I can’t really remember if I had ever heard of Love Valley growing up. I feel like I did but then again, I’m not certain. So in 2008 a friend had mentioned it and talked about it. I became so intrigued about this little town and I’ve kept it on my travel list this whole time. And course me being in mad love with the cowboy/cowgirl way of life – old and new (since I was a young teen) I wanted to go. The town is an Old West village… like straight out of the past or a Western film. You ride your horse into town only. No vehicles allowed. They have a saloon, tack room, hardware store, trading post, saloon, saddle shop and so on. It is small and rural area nestled in the foothills of the Brushy Mountains of Iredell County. I can’t wait to soak in the scenery and sounds.

Almost 5 years have passed and the once-upon-a-time photo shoot me and some girls were going to do there at one time… never happened and I’ve still never visited Love Valley. It is crazy to think we haven’t been yet… since it is not even 2 hours from here. LOL! But for many reasons, we just havent. So I was thrilled to see Love Valley on the project list.

So The Cowboy Capital of North Carolina awaits!


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