Small Sweet Victory

Today is a beautiful day for us wild horse lovers. The House of Representatives passed the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act unanimously yesterday. I got tears in my eyes reading it this morning. Just great news for all. But the next step is more hard work and the next stop is the Senate floor. It fell dead last year. I hope, hope and HOPE it doesn’t do that again. The Senates passes it and then it falls in the hands of the President to sign it.

See this pic?


That’s a picture I took of the map at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund headquarters. That beach, that land belongs to them. This Act will preserve and protect them as they roam free on THEIR land. And it will make it become a LAW they are forever that way. It will then be lawfully okay to have a herd of 120 to 130 horses vs the low number other groups say needs to exist. CWHF are the best of the best. I love the wild Spanish mustang of the Outer Banks but I love CWHF just as much and want to see their passion and hard work respected. I’ve wrote the Senators over and over… time to do it again. It’s that time. And I just finished my first email to the first Senate seat of Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina.

Links on today’s news –

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