Mr. Whirligig

Well Mama and me wanted to meet him one day. Especially Mama. He passed away last night. I’m talking about Mr. Vollis Simpson or The Junkyard Poet as I read once.


11.10.12 – One of Vollis’s whirligig’s I saw last Fall.

Mama saw him in one of her Southern Living magazine’s and showed me the story. The story of his years of building really awesome and unique sculptures that are painted and welded metal sculptures. They are windmilled powered. We were intrigued by what we saw and read. I saw where he lived in Lucama, North Carolina and that led me to asking my friend Travis who lives nearby Vollis about him and his story. When I was in that area of North Carolina last fall, Travis took me by his Windmill Farm and I saw a few of his famous whirligig sculptures from the road. It made me want to see more. Travis and his Mama got to go visit at Vollis’s place a few weeks ago and talk with Vollis’s wife. She said then his health wasn’t good.

He was featured in one of my Our State magazines. Heck, he has been featured ALL over. Just google his name and read about his story. Sad to see him pass. He truly was a visionary. I really appreciate people’s art and hard work. I hope people like him and his passion never truly die away in this country. And a side note – he was a WWII veteran. Let’s not leave that out.

I hope to visit the new park that is opening this November that will display a lot of his art.

Read about Mr. Vollis and his story here –


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