Outer Banks Freedom


Like the title of this blog says (in the words of the great Robert Earl Keen), the road goes on forever… and the party never ends. Finally my OBX blog. That would be the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My (our) favorite place on Earth, especially favorite coastal place. It truly is a magical and historical place. I just recently took my third trip there. The only negative about it is having to head back home. Kelley and I had a great third trip. Lots of good eats, scenery and wild horses to go around. I’m pretty sure it is the only place that ranks #1 on my list to retire at. Join me below as I share photos from the OBX.

We arrived at the 200 mile barrier island on May 2, 2013 and our first grub on the trip was at one of our FAVORITE places – Dirty Dick’s Crab House. I really only like to eat seafood when I’m at the coast. It’s the real deal after-all.


5.2.13 – Dirty Dick’s Crab House – Avon, North Carolina “Fresh Food Served Daily” (Canon 60D)

First adventure on the trip and one of the mains reason I’m in love with the Outer Banks… the wild mustangs of Corolla. We had a BEAUTIFUL and wonderful trip. I wish I could re-live it over and over. We saw a ton of horses (and some packs more than once) which is really good considering the temps were still on the cool side and the horses weren’t ready to be on the ocean side in the sand and at the water yet. They don’t go out to the shoreline til the consistent warm weather comes. The first turn we made on Carova on the sand dunes we saw a pack of seven and my heart dropped. We stayed out for 2 hours and went to some places we had never been before. Just another awesome adventure on Corolla and Carova Beach. It was perfect and the beauties are one of the greatest joys in my life.


5.3.13 – Some of the beautiful wild Spanish Mustangs of the Outer Banks. “Keep ’em wild and free” (Canon 60D)

First lighthouse stop – Currituck Beach Lighthouse. The beautiful red brick lighthouse found in the Northern part of the Outer Banks.


5.3.13 – Currituck Lighthouse. First lit in 1875 and stands at 162 feet with 214 steps total. (Canon 60D)

Second lighthouse stop would be our favorite – Bodie Lighthouse.


5.3.13 – Bodie Island Light Station. Pronounced as “body”. She was built in 1872 and 165 feet in height. (Canon 60D)


5.3.13 – Some odds and ends at the OBX. (Canon 60D)

Last stop of the day, we went to look at Cape Hatteras late into the evening. We stayed in Buxton so this lighthouse is just a hop and a skip away.


5.3.13 – Cape Hatteras Lighthouse located on Hatteras Island. It comes in at 210 feet which makes it the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States. (Canon 60D)

Good morning from Buxton Beach…


5.4.13 – Sunrise on Buxton Beach. (Canon 60D)

Aboard the ferry and head to Ocracoke Island. Fun time. Such a slow pace and laid-back village and island. Real island living.


5.4.13 – 45 minute Ferry ride from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Island. Gorgeous scenery. (Canon 60D)

Gotta eat. I mean.. really. Pony Island Restaurant. Another FAVORITE place. One of the best on the whole stretch of the Outer Banks. I miss it!


5.4.13 – Pony Island. I got the cheese and bacon omelet along with grits and biscuits, fruit and OJ. It was delicious. (Canon 60D)

Of course no trip to the island would be a trip unless you stop to see the Ocracoke Lighthouse. The smallest of all the OBX lighthouses and the only one you can’t climb.


5.4.13 – Ocracoke Lighthouse. It stands 75 feet tall and was completed in 1823. The Ocracoke Light is the second oldest operating lighthouse in our country. (Canon 60D)

Sights and stories of Ocracoke.


5.4.13 – Mix of photographs from Ocracoke Village. (Canon 60D)

Can’t go to Ocracoke without going by to see the beautiful Banker Ponies!! I love, love them.


5.4.13 – “The Pony Pen” on Hwy 12. The horses of Ocracoke have so much history. These horses are believed to be descendants from the Spanish Mustang too. Horses on Ocracoke have been documented way back to 1730’s. They don’t run “wild” today. They are kept in a large pen and have about 180 acres of pasture to roam on. But these horses are the heritage of the island. (Canon 60D)

Stop on the beach side of Ocracoke/Cape Hatteras National Seashore for a bit. Real windy day but I love shooting on the sands.


5.4.13 – Beach scenery on Ocracoke. (Canon 60D)

Stop for a little reminiscing of “Nights in Rodanthe”


5.4.13 – A little “Serendipity”. This is the beautiful beach house that was in the film “Nights in Rodanthe” starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Wonderful movie! Most of the scenes in the film were done on the Outer Banks. (Canon 60D)

Last stop of the evening Roanoke Island and Manteo. It is simply gorgeous here. One of the best places to get out and take a nice walk. “What’s special about Manteo is that, if you’re willing to take a moment of your time to say hello, you may very well make a friend.”


5.4.13 – The town of Manteo is located on the eastern side of Roanoke Island. This is where the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse is located. (Canon 60D)

One of the coolest and most historical places our country has – Wright Brothers National Memorial


5.5.13 – Mix of photos from the Wright Brothers National Museum. The place where first flight took place by Wilbur & Orville. (Canon 60D)

And with that, I’m done. Go visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina one day if you can. You will enjoy it very much.

Now onto to OBX trip #4…

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