Keep ‘Em Wild and Free

“I’m hoping the man will save the horse because in so many instances… the horse has saved the man.”

One of the young beauties of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

One of the young beauties of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. May 3, 2013.

I still sit in amazement on how our country would let these animals get abused, to be un-protected and to let them fall to the waist side. Sometimes I think I must live on my own planet but I know that isn’t true because there are so many who feel like I do.

Tonight is one of the nights I’m just pissed. The more I read of the lastest stories and videos, I’m just ill and upset. I want to go out West one day and I want to stand under the big sky and I want to watch and admire the wild horses of the West. They keep me memorized like nothing else can. I hope with more exposure and more stories shown to the general public on TV and in social media outlets, more common folk will see the abuse of these animals and their lives taken away for zero reason and sometimes not by accident. It is hard for me to share those ugly, mean pictures or videos. I know sometimes it takes that for us to see and understand… to strike a nerve. But tonight is for a quiet, serene moment like above. I see the love Corolla & Currituck County has for their beloved gems, like the one above. They would fight tooth and nail for their wild horses. They do all they can to protect what they have left. They live 24/7 for them. Wish everyone was like them.

2 thoughts on “Keep ‘Em Wild and Free

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